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Welcome to Unleashed the App! We have been praying for you and your journey. The Southeast Christian Church family has been asking the question, “How do we best Unleash the full force of the church to love people one at a time?” We know that we have so many amazingly gifted and loving people, and we also have some incredible Kingdom opportunities.

We wanted to create a connection point for Jesus’ followers to explore and engage unleashing opportunities all over the greater Kentuckiana area, our country, and beyond. The UNLEASHED App connects our church family with a host of incredible church partners, local ministry partners, national partners, global partners, Southeast Campuses, Community Pastors, Campus missions teams, area schools, addiction/recovery ministries, foster care & adoption ministries, and more.

The UNLEASHED App will match your gifts and availability with felt needs in the network as well as provide an outlet for you to share your story to encourage others as they are Unleashed.

We are honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as we love and serve our communities together.