One at a Time: The Jesus Way to Change the World
6 Days

What does it look like to walk with God faithfully? While there will certainly be moments of extreme faith, most of the time it looks like one act of obedience at a time. Read stories from Southeast Christian Church about people who are using the time and talents God gave them to worship Him—one at a time.

One Thing Leads To Another: Believing That God Is Weaving Everything Together
7 Days

We all experience highs and lows in life. Sometimes our circumstances are hard to understand, and it feels impossible to see through to the other side. But Jesus calls us to live a faithful life, even when it isn't easy. Joseph's story, as told in the Book of Genesis, holds many lessons that can help us make sense of where we are and learn to trust God in the ups and downs.

How Ya Feeling?
6 Days

There is possibly no more carefully navigated response than to the question “How Ya Feeling?” We long for and loath this question because we must either remain at the surface or expose what lies beneath. Jesus reminds us that to feel is to be human; to feel is to walk through valleys and mountains; to feel is to imitate Christ. Learn to properly engage your emotions to be like Christ.

7 Days

This 7-day devotional plan will help you understand and walk through how God views you. He sees you. He adopted you. He frees you. He loves you. He disciplines you. He hears you. He calls you. You can walk through this plan on your own, but it can be more powerful to go through it in community as you find your place as His daughters.

30 Days

Anytime a crash occurs everyone involved are impacted and many times forever changed. In the Gospels the same thing happens when people crash into the life of Jesus. Their lives are impacted by his teaching, healing, and love. We want to give you an opportunity for the next 30 days to have your life forever changed by crashing into the life of Jesus by checking out a new story from the Gospels each day.

7 Days

The Bible is full of powerful metaphors and word pictures to help us not only understand who Jesus is, but who we are and how we can relate to Him. Because when we know who we are, we will know what to do. During this seven day reading plan we will look at five Mantras of Jesus that will encourage, motivate, and direct the church in the years to come.

Life + Love by Ben Stuart
6 Days

This Bible study devotional plan will help you chart a course through four relational stages: singleness, dating, engagement, and marriage. Learn to embrace God’s design for each stage and to invest your life in what matters most.

Reverse the Curse - How Jesus Moves Us From Death to Life
6 Days

Within Eden, sin moved in and made its home in the world. A world of God’s creation became tainted by a curse of our own doing. There is no doubt that sin came to ravage all things good, but woven throughout all of Scripture is the story of God working all things out for His good. We brought sin into the story, but God is reversing the curse.

Seeing God: Job’s Suffering and God’s Wisdom
5 Days

This 5-day study explores Job's charge against God and His remarkable reminder that He is in control of the universe, He cares about the world, and He knows us personally and individually. You're invited to experience the wisdom of God with Job!

21 Days of Prayer: John 17
21 Days

One of the most vital ways you can serve your church is to join together in united prayer. In some of Jesus’ final moments before the cross, He prayed specifically for the believers who He was leaving behind, and those who would come in the future. Use this plan to dedicate 21 days of prayer for your church, its leaders, and your role in the Kingdom!

Untriggered: Resting in God When You’re Triggered by Anxiety, Anger, or Temptation

Pressure and confusion can bring out the worst in us, but God’s Word is a powerful tool to combat our triggers with His truth.

Never Going Back: Exchanging the Everyday for God's Extraordinary
6 Days

Now is the perfect time to evaluate what you've been doing and what God might have for you in the future. No longer will we settle for the easy path; we long to be transformed by the mighty power of the Gospel as we move forward in God's purposes.

Strength & Courage
7 Days