Middle School Ministry (MSM)


Give us some basic information and we’ll be in touch soon! We’ll talk about what serving in Middle School Ministry looks like and see if it fits you.


When you’re ready to serve, you’ll need to fill out our full volunteer application. There are four parts of our application and it might take a little time.
We are always careful about who serves with our students and safety is our priority. Below lists in detail all the parts to the volunteer application.

Part 1: Criminal Background Check
We’ll need you to agree to have us run a criminal background check.

Part 2: Reference Check
We’ve got a short reference check. Give us 4 names with contact information that meet the following requirements:
  • Personally known the applicant at least 5 years
  • 18 years or older
  • Not a relative nor a Southeast employee
  • Does not reside at the same address as any of the other references
Let your references know that we’ll be reaching out to them!

Part 3: Six Month Attendance
To serve with students, you must have actively attended Southeast for at least 6 months. Has it been less than 6 months? Don’t worry! We’ll train and connect with you in the in-between time!

Part 4: Ministry Safe Awareness training
This group of videos takes about an hour to complete online. It’ll teach you everything you need to know about sexual abuse and how to keep our ministry, volunteers, students and you safe.

We’ll send you a link and you can watch them on your own. There’s a short quiz at the end. If you’ve got questions about Ministry Safe Awareness before you watch the videos, let us know. We’ll answer all your questions.


After you’ve completed your application, we’ll connect and train you for the specific role you’ll fulfill on our volunteer team.
This could be a class, a coffee, or a volunteer-shadowing experience—maybe all three! Don’t worry…we’ll guide you every step of the way!

Serve by investing in the lives of middle school students to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus and others. Middle School years are tough. Your listening ears and encouragement can make them easier. We would love to connect with you and help find the best fit for you.

Here are a few examples of ways you can serve in our Student Ministry:

  • Middle School Group Leader
  • Middle School Connections 
  • Disabilities student assistant

This is a partial list of opportunities. Role availability may vary by campus.