Healthy Marriages and Families

The Family Ministry exists to provide marriages and families the opportunity to grow Godly homes. We give couples and parents the opportunity to learn Biblical principles to apply to their marriages and families. Our goal is to create a community of Christ-centered families who can encourage and edify one other.

Reach, Teach, and Release

Reach—We desire to draw marriages and families to Christ. Our goal is to provide opportunities for couples and parents to gather for events, activities, and trainings, which will enable them to build a Christ-centered community.

Teach—We are going to create a space where marriages and families can learn practical ways to apply Scripture to real-life issues. Our intent is to give direction and guidance to families so they can thrive and flourish.

Release—We want our marriages and families to apply the training they receive to their home life. We also desire to see families live out the Gospel in their communities as the salt and light in a broken world.

Frequently Asked Questions